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If you're out of $50lr and wants a free registration to gain full access to our board, new member should find 2 vouchers.

1. Open topic in this section.
Title name of the topic - your nickname (username).
Describing the topic - the reason for registration.

2. Putting the link on their vouchers.

3. When two vouchers write in topic, your account will be activated.

4. (IMPORTANT!) Do not make ANY clone accounts - and ull not find urself banned next morning (because its PROHIBITED)

P.S. Vouchers "+++", enough to write "I promise")

Leave contact information is not required.

Liability shall not be vouchers.

Participants were noticed in bringing to the forum throwing, beggars, cops, deer, etc. - Blocked.

The administrator may refuse registration to anyone, without explanation.

It's prohibited in this section:

- to post advertising
- to post links on another forums
- up the topic sooner then once every week
- beg for material or vouchers
- insult members

If you break the rules - you will be banned.

Any questions? contact Ninja (1223956)
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